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As a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach I work with leaders and organizations to optimize performance and productivity through Behavior Design. I also work with clients to help them live happier and healthier lives. To help them add more years to their life and more life to those years.


When asked about his greatest inspiration in life, Ty Nichols reflected upon his career and dedicated that title to his mentors and role models As he leaned into his dream of helping others establish habits to foster a lifestyle harmonious with their goals, his mentors served as a guiding light to help Ty flourish as a motivational speaker. Now, he is the proud founder and owner of The Nichols Strategic Performance Group where he serves as a renowned Behavior Design Expert and motivational speaker.

As someone who applied his expertise to personally lose over 200 pounds, Ty believes in the power of Behavior Design and Habit Formation to help individuals and organizations adopt life-changing and life-saving habits. Impressively, he began his career as a call center representative and quickly climbed the corporate ladder where he led teams of Fortune 500 companies such as Comcast, Target, and even Carmax to reach staggering heights and results.

Notably, Ty is a Tiny Habits® Certified Coach and a Diamond-level Sales Professional for Cintas; both credentials speak to his impeccable ability to guide individuals, leaders, or organizations towards raising their performance, establishing unified teams, or to simply get healthier and accomplish their dream body. As a professional speaker of 5+ years, Ty testifies that one of his favorite aspects of his career is connecting with large audiences to provide insight on how they can level up and turn their dreams into reality.

When he is away from the office and not on a stage, Ty enjoys relaxing by spending time with his wife and two children. He currently resides in Columbia, Maryland, where he can often be found playing pool, table tennis or chess in his spare time. As it is his life's mission to inspire others to transform into the best versions of themselves, Ty stays current on Behavior Design research to ensure he is staying updated on today's best practices and recent research.

Even when he is not at work, Ty is consistently brainstorming ways to help others become an architect of their good habits rather than the victim of bad habits. He continuously operates under the motto of, "When you control your habits, you control the life you want to live," and is a living testimony of the benefits of harnessing successful habits for positive results. For more information about Ty Nichols, Behavior Design, and his methods of helping others take control of their lives through habit shifting, we invite you to Reach Out at any time!  

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Transform your Life and Leadership

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For many years, misconceptions and myths, while well intended, have plagued society with unscientific advice that sets you up to fail. Adopting new behaviors, whether it's reducing stress, exercising, eating healthy, or getting better sleep may have seemed difficult. Therefore, you may have concluded simply that change is hard, and you need more motivation or willpower. That’s not true and you are not the problem. The problem is the approach to changing behavior and it is not as hard as you have been led to believe.

Tiny is Mighty is an interactive presentation, delivered by Ty Nichols that will have attendees on their feet, engaging one another, embracing the learning process, and creating new individual habits for inspired health and wellness success on the spot.

This keynote/training session is perfect for:

  •  Anyone who wants to add more years to their life and more life to those years

  • Anyone who has struggled with change and adopting a healthy  and productive lifestyle

  • Professionals looking to advance to the next level

The participants will leave with:

  • Ty’s G.R.O.W.T.H. Formula: Six Critical Habits for improved health and productivity

  • A self-evaluation of habits we have chosen, and identifying those that do not serve us

  • Understanding research-based Tiny Habits Method and how to use it

  • Information on why it is so difficult to untangle "bad" habits and how to change them

  • Tips to build "keystone" habits

  •  A practical roadmap on how to add more years to their life and more life to those years

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Learning how to lead the way through empowered habits

As a leader, you're bombarded with problems every day, and sometimes it's easier to take the path of least resistance. You do not speak up because it might rock the boat. You procrastinate when making a decision or do not try that new idea, because you're afraid of failure. Or, you do not invite feedback because you might not like what you hear. In these moments, you're missing opportunities, you're wasting money, and you're eroding your team members' trust.

Building your reputation as a courageous leader every day—does not require making big, bold, game-changing moves. It can happen little by little, as you empower you and your team members' strengths, speak up, stand out, and take appropriate risks.

Ty Nichols' Habit Leadership session provides you practical methods to become more confident every day for greater influence and impact—so you become the courageous leader you want to be, one improved leadership presence habit at a time. He also discusses how to build an invaluable personal and career brand through empowered habits.

This keynote/training session is perfect for:

  • Managers looking to increase their confidence, influence and impact.

  • Leaders who want to develop a reputation for being open, innovative, reliable, high-potential performers

  • Corporate meeting planners looking for a high-energy, interactive keynote that inspires their audience and leaves them with highly practical tools they can use right away

Participants Will Leave With:

  • Ty’s Leadership Loop: 10 steps of Accountability

  • Practical tools and techniques to present their ideas with confidence

  • Techniques to prepare for and hold difficult conversations

  • Tools for gathering and responding to feedback

  • A personal action plan that will enable them to win as an empowered Habit Leader each day

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Six Inspiring Ways High School Students Can Succeed and Grow Through the Habits of Acceptance, Inclusion and Kindness

Too often, students enter high school with no clue of what lies ahead in high school and what classes to take that prepares them for college.  Instead, students and their families are left to fend for themselves in navigating the pitfalls of ninth grade. 70 – 80% of students who fail the first year will not graduate from high school. Studies show that students are 3-5 times more likely to fail a class in the ninth grade than any other grade. These students are more likely to not graduate from high school.

In Winning Habits for High School Success, Ty Nichols engages students while teaching them his six inspiring ways High School students can succeed and grow through the healthy and welcoming habits of Acceptance, Inclusion and Kindness.

This special school assembly or keynote presentation is Perfect For:

  • High school students at any grade level

  • 8th grade student heading into high school

Your Participants Will Leave With

  • How to prepare for the academic demands

  • Learn the importance of fostering relationships that get them the support they need

  • Understand what’s required at the next level and how to get there

  • How to adjust to a more inclusive High School culture

  • The 10 Habits of Successful Students List

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What People Say

Ty was brilliant! He had intriguing stories and excellent humor. He connected intimately with the audience.

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